Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Franki Blue Eyes Comes Home

Well, Franki (formerly Crystal) has found a forever home ... with me! (For her back story, please read my post A Sweet Dog with Blue Eyes Needs a Loving Home.)

I had been thinking about adopting her since before she gave birth to her pups, but when I first met her, I thought she might be too wild for my more mature pack.  But I couldn't get her out of my head.  So I brought her over for a visit one sunny Sunday afternoon ... and never took her back to her foster home.  

It was a bit uncanny.  She went from being an unruly, unfocused creature, to a well-behaved (but still very active) and focused dog.  It was almost like she had just been waiting for someone to show her what was expected.  And I know that the other dogs helped her, too.  Anyone who has been around a group of dogs knows how much they can learn from each other.  

Franki sits, waiting patiently for a treat.
It took her all of 10 seconds to figure out the doggie door on her first day.  By the end of the second or third day, she stopped jumping on me.  She sits for treats and before she begins eating her meals, and doesn't try to steal the other dogs' food.  Instead, she waits patiently, watching the two slow pokes, Sammi and Ripley, as they finish their kibble.

Aside from a couple of naughty moments ... she chewed the lid off the large tub where I keep the dog food and stole some food off the kitchen counter ... she's been an angel.  And the joy and laughter she has brought into our already happy home ... well, I can deal with some spunk.  She's barely out of her puppyhood after all.  And I know I can count on the other dogs to help show Franki the ropes.  

Franki and Ripley ... just chillin'.

"I know that I have had friends who would never have vexed or betrayed me, if they had walked on all fours."
~Horace Walpole