Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Am a Facebook Addict ...

I must admit, I spend too much time on Facebook.  My name is Amy and I am a Facebook Addict.  

I resisted for years before opening an account because I thought it was just a waste of time.  But since I joined in August 2011, I've found that Facebook can be a great tool and a fantastic way to meet people with similar interests and passions as my own.  Not only have I re-connected with long-ago friends, but I've found a wonderful group of like-minded animal-lovers. 

Today's post will be dedicated to some of the worthwhile images and messages I've come across on Facebook.  Just today, for instance, I saw this:

Thanks to Inside The Divine Pattern and Anthony Douglas Williams for sharing this.  It perfectly expresses what I see and feel every single time I look into the eyes of any animal.  Although there is a lot of controversy about whether animals have souls, I have no doubt in my soul, heart and mind that they do indeed have souls.  It is only the human soul that needs "saving."  Animals, like babies, are innocent.  And have pure, uncorrupted souls.  

A popular message I've seen on many rescue pages involves "forever homes" for pets.  The photo to the right was posted by The German Shepherd Dog Community.

Along those lines, I shared this photo today on my personal wall as well as my non-profit spay/neuter group's Facebook page:

Thanks to RePeace for sharing such an important message ... one that is near and dear to my heart.  I first saw this photo on another wall and one person had left a comment admitting that he/she had done this very thing and was ashamed for it.  The person admitted he/she didn't think about the consequences of abandoning the dog until he/she saw this photo, which included the horrifying ways a dog, cat or house rabbit can suffer after being abandoned:  starvation, heat stroke, freezing to death, dying of thirst, being hit by a vehicle, or being preyed upon by wild animals or humans.  I respected this person for admitting publicly what he/she had done and left my own comment telling him/her so.  I added that I hope he/she will now consider becoming an advocate for animals.

So, although I often spend waaaaay too much time on Facebook, it has added another dimension to my life and expanded my circle of dear friends.  And it has provided me with a platform to help spread the message of responsible and loving pet guardianship and kindness to all animals.

To end on a lighter note, let me share a photo and quotation I posted today:

Cookie, a formerly neglected dog, and her old pal, Teddy (R.I.P.). Teds was abandoned near my front gate.  He was lucky and found a new and better home.  Other abandoned dogs don't fare so well. 

"Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog!"
~Author unknown


  1. My name is Christina and I am a facebook addict too. I love all the people I have "met" there.

    1. And I'm sure you already know, my friend, that you're on the top of my list of new and dear friends. :-)

  2. Any venue that increases awareness of our membership in the community of life on this planet is a welcome one. We're all animals and thereby obligated to one another. Facebook is one more way to 'spread the word'. :-)

    1. Hello Vee ... thanks for visiting. I see FB's inherent "connectedness" around the world as a great platform for increasing awareness of how we are all connected ... all lifeforms, one world. Maybe one day soon, more people will learn to tap into the universal consciousness for the benefit of us all.


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