Friday, April 11, 2014

Dying Woman Desperate to Find a Home for Her Beloved Dog

Family photo, contributed to National Dog News Examiner
I first saw this article on Facebook along with a plea to share the information to help this woman find her sweet Pittie mix, Sherlock, a new, loving home. Anyone who loves their pets like family can understand her anguish at the idea of her dog being homeless after she is forced into hospice care or dies.

The article, Dying Woman Desperate to Find a Home for Her Beloved Dog, appears on and includes the following contact information for anyone who might be able adopt Sherlock or help find him a home in some other way:

Sherlock is in Fort Collins, Colorado, is fully vetted, and heartworm negative. Contact Jess for more information at: or phone 970-775-0797.

Sherlock's human guardian, Pat, has end-stage cancer and will soon be going into hospice. "Sherlock has basic obedience training and is housebroken. He loves people but has never been around young children. He loves long walks and cuddling on the couch. He is such a sweetheart. Sherlock would do best in a home with no other pets. A well mannered, sweetheart of a boy who can't comprehend that soon his human will be gone."

Can you help this woman fulfill her dying wish?  Please share this far and wide so that Sherlock can find a new forever home and loving family!

Update from the Saving Sherlock Facebook page:  "We found a wonderful local family for Sherlock, who we spoke with several times, we did reference checks and had scheduled a home visit for yesterday in the evening. We told Pat about this family several days ago and she was very excited to meet with them, especially since they want her to continue to be a part of Sherlocks life as long as she can. Pat was not feeling well yesterday and began having some difficulty with the thought of placing Sherlock. This is completely understandable and we all feel for her. The adoptive family is wonderful and very understanding of her situation. They said to me this morning "we don't want Pat to look at it like she is losing Sherlock, we want her to look at it like she is gaining a family". ... April 22, 2014

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