Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is It Really Spring Already?


By Sammi, it sure feels like Spring outside! I know the dogs really like the temperate weather, but all I can think about is how fast the grass is growing ... and that if things don't cool off REAL soon, I'll have to mow my lawn!  And I'd much rather spend my free time with the Pack:  Ripley, Shasta, Sammi (pictured above), Cookie and Andie.  We live in a very rural area and are fortunate to have hundreds of acres of woods in our "backyard."  So almost any time we want, we can go hiking ... just open the back gate and off we go! .....


The video was recorded last Fall, but you get the idea. Ripley, Shasta and Sammi were the three dogs you saw at the beginning of the video ... Shasta has to stay on a leash because she tends to wander off and gets into trouble (like wandering out onto the busy highway that's nearby ... she's fearless).  Ripley is the spotted dog ... I'm pretty sure she's a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattledog) mixed with Australian Shepherd.  And Sammi is the Beagle/mix.  He's the only male of the Pack.

Then toward the top of the mountain, you met Andie and Cookie.  Andie is mostly black and is a herding mix of some kind.  Sweet Cookie is the German Shepherd/mix.

So what is this blog all about?  Well, if you love dogs, I think you'll like it.  I'll be sharing stories, photos and videos of my dogs, but will also be sharing information about dog treats and other "doggie stuff."  If you're like me, you only want the best for your dog.  I'm always on the lookout for good quality treats at reasonable prices. 

So in addition, I'll soon be adding pages that offer high quality treats at fair prices.  I will only sell treats I'd give to my own dogs.  Which means I won't sell treats with questionable ingredients or those treated with irradiation.


And please feel free to leave comments, feedback, and to ask questions.  I have so much to share with you!  I hope you'll visit often.  And so do Ripley (smiling at you from above), Shasta, Sammi, Cookie and Andie!

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