Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Amazing Dog Rescue Transformation

I'm a member of a small non-profit animal welfare group that operates a low-cost spay/neuter program.  I almost don't know what to say about this video ... except that it exemplifies why rescue people "do what they do."  It is a truly amazing dog rescue transformation.
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And it illustrates why it is so very important to spay and neuter your pets, whether you have dogs, cats or rabbits.  So many dog owners will happily spay their females, but they leave their males intact.  But what they don't think about is how many female dogs their male dog could be impregnating if they let their dog run loose.

Just today, as I was driving along a rural highway, I saw a scrawny dog, her teats full of milk, wandering along the roadway.  I had to wonder where were her puppies?  Was she getting enough to eat ... and was she getting quality food?  And what is going to happen to her puppies?  Will they have a good life?  My impulse was to pull over and rescue her, but she was wearing a collar.  And it is part of the culture around here to let dogs roam and multiply at will.

Queenie and her pups.  They were rescued from a hollowed-out tree.

For me, that dog exemplified why my rescue group does what it does.  We encourage the folks in our county to be responsible pet owners by getting their dogs and cats spayed and neutered.  And we make it easier for them to do the right thing by paying most of the cost of the procedure.  Many people don't appreciate what we do, and even complain that they have to pay a co-payment, usually between $25 and $55.  Although we are glad to help people, the real reason we continue to put up with those who are ungrateful and those who refuse to be good pet "parents" is because we love animals.  We do our best to do the best we can for those who can't help themselves. 

This sweet pup (we named him Zorro) was found along a busy rural highway.
My group has a Facebook page and is called COLARS, the Circle of Life Animal Rescue Society.  Our spay/neuter program is called SNYFF (Spay/Neuter Your Furry Friends).   Please feel free to "like" us and visit often, even if you don't live anywhere near Iron County Missouri.

And PLEASE! ... spay and neuter your pets ... and Don't Shop.  ADOPT instead!

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